A new way to keep score.

This Is Not Your Father’s Risk Score. WellScore identifies individuals based both on disease conditions and the opportunity to make an impact. With limited resources, you can identify the best candidates for coaching and case management.


WellScore 360 Individual Profile empowers you with a 360-degree profile of each individual’s health status. You start the conversation confirming the profile, gathering new data and quickly getting into development of a care or engagement plan.


More Than Risk Scores Means More Reward. With WellScore, you can expect to see improved outcomes, healthier lives, cost savings and improved productivity. And better yet, with WellScore as a leading indicator, you can demonstrate this ahead of time.


Genesis Data Warehouse Integrates Disparate Data to Provide a Unified Source of Knowledge

The keys to a successful data warehouse project reside with the implementation team and in the design and architecture of the warehouse. An analytic data warehouse includes data extracted from administrative and clinical systems. Continuance’s team of seasoned analysts and programmers have the industry experience needed to create the infrastructure to onboard disparate data and to build a data warehouse that is dynamic and comprehensive. In addition to traditional medical/Rx claim data, the data warehouse can include data from electronic health records, absenteeism, workers comp, disability, case/disease management, EAP, wellness programs, biometrics, HRAs and lifestyle incentive programs. Data is integrated at the individual level to provide a comprehensive picture of the relationships between patient engagement, health status, treatment patterns, and clinical and financial outcomes.

WellScore measures impact. It’s better than a risk score.

One number provides you with a comprehensive indicator of an individual’s health status, lifestyle risk factors, social circumstances, care gaps and engagement. Traditional risk scores use limited clinical data and are designed for prediction of risk for groups, not individuals. WellScore is powered by clinical values and behavioral logic, and identifies population segments and individuals that can be impacted by health improvement programs.

WellScore quantifies program impact in near real time.

In addition to measuring an individual’s health status, well-being and engagement, WellScore provides a comprehensive view of the organization as a whole. As population health management initiatives take hold and individuals become more engaged in their own health and well-being, WellScores start improving. When an organization’s WellScore improves over time, management has the confidence that its investments are resulting in healthier people, which in turn drives lower costs. While cost savings are lagging, a retrospective measure of success, WellScore is a leading, prospective measure.

WellScore empowers health care providers and care coordinators.

Behind the number are complex algorithms that search through an individual’s vital signs, lab results, well-being indicators, lifestyle choices and program engagement. WellScore flags opportunities that can be impacted by clinical interventions and wellness programs and alerts clinicians, coaches and care coordinators. The WellScore360 profile analysis enables you to focus resources where they are most likely to have an impact. With WellScore®, population health management initiatives improve clinical outcomes more effectively.

Don’t rely solely on antiquated predictive modeling scores that don’t tell the whole story.
The future is WellScore.