ComplexCare Solutions Licenses Continuance Health Solutions’ WellScore Software — Seeking to Enhance Scoring of at-Risk Elderly Populations to Improve Care and Control Costs

Continuance Health Solutions’ WellScore Focuses Resources to Maximize Impact of Care

PEAPACK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Continuance Health Solutions (CHS) announces a perpetual-license contract with ComplexCare Solutions (CCS) to enhance its ability to deliver high-touch, high-value assessment and care management services for health plans nationwide. CHS’s WellScore® software pushes health care analytics to the next level by identifying root causes of costs, (including environmental risk factors, social circumstances, care gaps and engagement history), and demonstrating a complete picture of an individual’s health — all with a single WellScore number. The resulting profiles direct intervention for at-risk patients — improving outcomes and reducing overall costs by focusing resources on individuals who have attributes that can be significantly impacted through high-touch clinical management services.

ComplexCare Solutions anticipates that by enhancing this game-changing technology with CCS’s existing selection algorithms, the ability to identify and manage the most impactable frail, elderly and clinically complex members will increase greatly. CCS expects to implement WellScore mid-second quarter 2015.

Stephan Yelenik, CHS CEO, states, “We are pleased to share a common vision with CCS on this new way to keep score of members’ health status. Our alliance demonstrates an alignment of our approach to improve outcomes based on opportunity and impactability – in addition to traditional clinical and utilization measures.”

“Our ability to use WellScore to more effectively target members for intervention will allow us to deliver and document even more value to our customers and the members we care for,” adds Anthony Kotin, MD, Chief Medical Officer of CCS.

Typically, health care analytics provide predictive modeling scores that utilize a retrospective measure and lead organizations into a guessing game of best next steps. Behind WellScore numbers are complex algorithms, which search individual vital signs, lab results, wellbeing indicators, lifestyle choices, program engagement and more to flag opportunities that can be meaningfully impacted by clinical interventions. More than assigning individual scores, CHS’s WellScore also provides an overall, real-time organizational score. An improvement of scores is an indicator of individual health, which is a leading indicator of downstream health care cost savings.

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Continuance Health Solutions, Inc., combines data aggregation/integration, data analytics and consulting into a single solution that enables its clients to generate value by identifying opportunities to improve health status, control costs and enhance productivity.

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