Data warehouses and analytic reports are just tools.

Data and expertise drive value.

To be effective, such tools need to be coupled with extensive expertise. Not only data expertise, but healthcare expertise. We are a health care company specializing in data analytics, not a data company that is targeting the health care industry. Our consulting is much more effective because of our primary background in health care. Most of our team has encountered the same opportunities and challenges that you face today. Continuance’s team of actuaries, analysts and consultants invest the time in getting to know the nuances of your organizations approach to your population health management and business environment. This knowledge and our experience enable us to spot opportunities and provide timely and relevant recommendations.

In practice, Continuance’s analytic team often serves as an extension of our client’s management teams. Often, the collaboration takes root after a base-line population health profile is completed. This deliverable often uncovers opportunities that require further analysis. The team meets periodically to review deliverables and discuss the implications. Such meetings may lead to specific interventions or program enhancements. Often, additional analysis is needed to get a better handle on root causes and the appropriate course of action. In the words of one of our clients, “One report stirs the brain to think of more reports.”

Continuance is the place our clients turn to address their questions and analytic concerns. The following are examples of analytics that may be included: