The Convergence of Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.” is a study co-authored by IMEG Corp. and Transwestern, and supported by Karen Meyer, Inc. and HPI Advisors. Continuance Health Solutions, Inc., as well as healthcare experts from hospital systems, academic medical campuses, development firms, design firms, medical products firms, and analysts, contributed to the survey. Topics covered include healthcare “mega-disruptors,” how healthcare will be sought by Millennials and Gen Xers, and what the delivery of health care will look like by 2020.

Continuance is pleased to have been invited to contribute to this whitepaper which highlights the need and willingness to collaborate the best paths forward, which will leverage technology, drive costs down, resulting in better patient experiences, and improved health outcomes.  several core emerging themes that are being addressed including technology-based solutions,

“By reading this report, those of us in the healthcare industry can better prepare ourselves to deliver products and services to our clients and their end users so that they achieve maximum results.”  IMEG Senior Principal Eric Vandenbroucke.

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