Data Warehousing and Analytic Capabilities

The innovative “Genesis” data warehouse includes data that has traditionally resided in separate silos. In addition to traditional medical/Rx claim data, the data warehouse can include data from electronic health records, absenteeism, workers comp, disability, case/disease management, EAP, wellness programs, biometrics, HRAs and lifestyle incentive programs.

Genesis integrates such data at the individual level to provide a comprehensive picture of the relationships between lifestyle choices, engagement, health care utilization, absenteeism, employee performance and productivity, disability, work-related injuries, and, of course, benefit costs.

Genesis is the foundation for WellScore and a comprehensive platform for clinical and financial analyses. Such analyses may include traditional financial and benefits management report libraries, clinical informatics, population health management tools, and ROI/impact studies . Reports based on the Genesis platform enable organizations to identify and manage the drivers of the health and costs.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Services

  • Data acquisition, aggregation, integration and validation
  • Creation and maintenance of the master person index
  • Configuration
  • WellScore opportunity identification engine
  • Interface to end-user interfaces
  • Automated routine data warehouse updates/refreshes
  • Hardware and hosting in world class secure data center

Available Reporting and Analytic Services

  • Demographic trends
  • Turnover analysis
  • Analysis of cost and utilization by service type
  • High-impact conditions
  • PEPM/PMPM trend analysis
  • High-cost case reports
  • Illness burden profiles
  • Population stratification reports
  • Individual profiles for health coaching/case management
  • Provider network impact analysis
  • IBNR development
  • Benefit plan design modeling