Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools First User of Smart Alerts

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) has become the first client of Continuance Health Solutions to utilize the new Smart AlertTM engine, allowing them to close care gaps in a more efficient and timely manner.  MNPS already utilizes WellScore® and the analytic team of Continuance for population health management – Smart Alerts™ will enhance this partnership, allowing care coordinators to understand immediately what is changing in a patient’s health and take action before there is a severe decline.  Vanderbilt’s Family Health Centers at MNPS has integrated Smart Alerts™ into their population health program with MNPS to improve outcomes for teachers and their families.

Smart Alerts is a new application that builds upon the WellScore® framework using “measures” to transform administrative and clinical data into tools that improve clinical and financial outcomes.  Smart Alerts™ are designed for both population managers and for closing individual gaps in care.

For information on using WellScore® and Smart AlertsTM, please click on “Request A Demo” in the top-right of your screen.