WellScore® 6.0 Announcement

Continuance Health Solutions has released a new and improved version of WellScore® (Version 6.0). The next generation of its innovative analytic tool for population health and case management.

  • Modern Look & Feel: The client tools have undergone a complete face lift to improve the user experience.
  • Identifying Opportunities: It now has more flexible searches of the population to build patient lists for outreach.
  • Empowering Coaches & Coordinators: The time required to review an Individual Profile and get up-to-speed on a patient’s needs has been greatly improved.
  • Standardized WellScore® Values: The scale of WellScore® values have been improved to provide better consistency.
  • Domain Sub-Scores: Domains have been created to allow focus and attention on the impact of a patient’s health status, complexity, and/or adherence.
  • Enhanced Reporting & Analysis: Improved and up-to-date business intelligence reporting tools now enhanced interactive data mining.

For more information, please contact Jon Harris-Shapiro (jhs@continuancehealthsolutions.com) or Peter Bell (peter.bell@continuancehealthsolutions.com). We are looking forward to showing you a demo of WellScore® 6.0 and to discussing a plan for upgrading your instance. Upgrades are now being scheduled.