Continuance Health Solutions Announces Smart Alerts™

Continuance Health Solutions is pleased to announce for general release the latest product, Smart Alerts™.  This new engine allows users to receive efficient and timely notifications, allowing patient-level coaches to understand immediately what is changing in a patient’s health and take action before there is a severe decline.

Smart Alerts is a new application that builds upon the WellScore® framework using “measures” to transform administrative and clinical data into tools that improve clinical and financial outcomes.  There are currently two distinct audiences that Smart Alerts is designed for:

  • Population Managers:  These individuals are looking across an entire population, assessing needs, and demonstrating outcomes.  This group may include clinical and administrative (financial) leadership.  Success is measured in terms of improving population health status and bending the trend.
  • Gap Closers:  These individuals’ reason for existence is to close care gaps. They may be in leadership or in the trenches interacting with patients.  These individuals want tools to find people with gaps and then close their gaps, one at a time.  Success is measured in terms of the number of gaps closed.

For information on using WellScore® and Smart Alerts™, please click on “Request A Demo” in the top-right of your screen.